Christmas Mystery


The holidays are a time of family and tradition.  My mother started a tradition 60 years ago that I am in the process of continuing for the newest members of my family.  I have a new daughter-in-law and two new son-in-laws.  This year, to really welcome them into our family, I am making them something special.  Something my mother made for me, my three brothers, and then for our spouses and our children.

My son-in-law, Ewan, may be will be disappointed that it is not Christmas cookies.  Maybe he will get cookies for his birthday.  I hope my new children will  understand and appreciate the history and love associated with this gift.

What traditions do you continue in your families?


About mypurplepeony

I live in beautiful Northern California in the town of Chico. I love to do home improvement projects and fiber crafts such as knitting, crocheting, quilting and sewing. My latest passion is refinishing furniture. I am a fanatic about learning the Spanish language and study at every opportunity.
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2 Responses to Christmas Mystery

  1. Melissa Williams says:

    Super cute! Your family is amazing! My brother and I have a silly tradition. We watch the whole Back to the Future trilogy on Christmas eve. My parents like that we stay up late and therefor don’t wake them up at 6am to open gifts.

  2. April Cameron says:

    Nice! Ewan will indeed be sad about the lack of cookies… considering he is supposed to get his wires removed in about 4 weeks… although the doc says he will need to continue to eat only soft foods for 4 weeks after that and go to physical therapy to build back up his jaw strength.

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